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Enter a device ID number (serial number) in one of the following formats to check the
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ESN: 8 or 11-digit number.
MEID: 18-digit number

To find your device ID please select your device type below:

MIFI/USB device | Samsung Tablet

MIFI/USB device

USB: The label with the ESN is located on the back of the device.

MiFi: The label with the ESN is attached to the device, and is underneath the battery for security reasons. Please remove the battery to get the number.

Samsung Tablet

OPTION 1 – Find the number within your phone settings
From the Home screen, tap Menu > Settings > About device > Status > scroll to "MEID Dec"(Sample MEID DEC: 256 691 514 000 000 000).

OPTION 2 – Check the label for MEID
1. Sample image is the back of the Tab 3, showing the location of the MEID.

Enter your zip code to confirm if data coverage for this device is available in your area.


To see if your device is eligible for NetZero service, please select your device type and device identifier (ESN or MEID) via the drop down options below. Then enter your device ID number and the displayed captcha word and click "Check."

Device Type Device Identifier Enter Number
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Your device is eligible for service with NetZero.

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Unfortunately, this device isn't eligible for service with NetZero.
We invite you to buy a NetZero-compatible device. Click below to start shopping.

*Pricing not available to current or former NetZero Mobile Broadband subscribers. Requires the creation of a new NetZero Mobile Broadband account with the purchase of an LTE /dual-mode (3G/4G) device. 3G-only devices are not eligible. For NetZero Mobile Broadband plan pricing when you Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) please call (800) 638-9376.
We've encountered a problem with porting your phone number. Please call customer support at 1-800-NETZERO for further assistance.


Which devices can I bring to the NetZero network?

You can bring most used Sprint® devices to the NetZero network, however the restrictions on devices change frequently, so we recommend always checking the eligibility of your device.

Is there a charge for transferring my device?

We do not charge a fee for transferring a device.

How do I find my device's ESN/MEID?

The ESN/MEID is normally an 18-digit number labelled DEC and starting with 256, 268, or 270. On some data devices, the ESN/MEID is an 11-digit number, often beginning with 096.

I received a note that my device is not eligible for service with NetZero.

It appears your device is not eligible to be activated in the NetZero network. However, NetZero does offer a variety of devices at a range of prices to meet any needs. You can check out our devices and specials here.

If your device is compatible but you're having trouble, please contact us at phonehelp@support.netzero.com and we will be happy to assist you.

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